Nikolai Alexandrovich Zubov – Russian pathologist-parasitologist, scientist, and educator (22.03.1927–11.05.2008)


Alexander Zubritsky (Russian Federation)

This work has the aim to collect and systematize the biographical data for Professor Zubov according to the questionnaire prepared by me. Born on March 22, 1927 in the village «Kamenny» of Keushinsky Native Council. Graduated from secondary school and Omsk State Medical Institute (1951); cycle of improvement, Pathology Department under the leadership of NA Kraevsky with simultaneous listening to the course of lectures of famous parasitologist-clinician NN Plotnikov (1956), Central Institute for Advanced Medical Education, Moscow; full-time postgraduate study, Pathology Department, Omsk State Medical Institute (1958-61); defense of PhD thesis on theme “Pathomorphology and some issues of pathogenesis of primary liver cancer in human opisthorchiasis” (1963), doctor’s thesis – “Pathological anatomy of opisthorchiasis and its complications” (1973). Head, Clinical and Morphological Laboratory, Tyumen Research Institute of Regional Pathology, Tyumen; Head (1968-90), Pathology Department, Sverdlovsk State Medical Institute. Chief Pathologist of the Sverdlovsk Regional Health Department (1968–90); Professor (1974); awarded with jubilee medals “To mark of the 100th birthday of Konstantin Skryabin”, “For Merits in Science” and various diplomas. Scientific interests: Pathogenesis and pathological anatomy of parasitic diseases, features of frostbites in conditions of radiation sickness, epidemiology and morphogenesis of primary liver cancer in a large industrial zone, geographical pathology of malignant Tumors in the Eastern Transbaikalia, features of modern septic endocarditis. Author of more than 100 scientific works, including 2 monographs and 4 educational-methodical manuals. Member of the CPSU (1965), the Board of the All-Union Society of Pathology, Chairman of its Sverdlovsk branch; member of the editorial board of journal “Archive of Pathology”. Motto: To burn always, to burn everywhere! Distinctive feature: Scientific erudition, benevolence, responsiveness, demanding to yourself and others. Hobbies: Travelling, fishing. Died on May 11, 2008 in Tyumen on the 82th year of his life from coronary heart disease. Buried at the cemetery “Chervishevskoe-1” of Tyumen.

Опубликованна в сентябре 2018 года в "Abstracts Book" // 46th Congress of ISHM (The International
Society for the History of Medicine), Lisbon 3–7 September 2018. – 5112. – P.70,
во время проходящего в Лиссабоне 46-го конгресса Международного общества по истории медицины

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