Questionnaire portrait of the well-known Russian forensic medical expert and pathologist Professor Mikhail Ivanovich Avdeev (16.11.1901–15.03.1978)


Alexander Zubritsky, Moscow, Russian Federation

Авдеев Михаил Иванович (1901–1978)C:\Users\Aleksandr\Favorites\Авдеев М.И. (фото).jpgАвдеев Михаил Иванович (1901–1978)Авдеев Михаил Иванович (1901–1978)

Mikhail I. Avdeev (16.11.1901–15.03.1978)

This work has the goal to collect and systematize the biographical information according to questionnaire prepared by me. Born in Vyazma, Smolensk Province in the family of an employee. Graduated from the medical faculty of Moscow State University and full-time postgraduate study at the Department of Forensic Medicine; defense of doctoral thesis on the topic “Pathological anatomy and pathogenesis of myocardial fragmentation”. Military service: regimental physician, participated in battles for the elimination of basmachism in Turkestan; Head, Department of Forensic Medicine, 1st MMI named after I.M.Sechenov; Senior Researcher, Institute of State and Law, USSR, etc. Organized a system of forensic institutions and developed instructions to determine the severity of injuries. During the Great Patriotic War took part in the work of the State Commission to investigate the atrocities of Nazi invaders in the USSR; various rewards. Research interests: Anatomical pathology of sudden death, questions of the degree of severity of bodily injuries, forensic medical examination in cases of self-mutilation, forensic traumatology, organization of forensic medical service, etc. Author of more than 100 scientific works, including many textbooks, manuals, practical guides and monographs. Chairman of the Board of Moscow and Deputy Chairman of the All-Union Scientific Society of forensic doctors, etc. Distinctive feature: Inherent high sense of humor, did not like negligent and dishonest people. Hobbies: Loved theater and even took part in various amateur performances; had a beautiful voice, sang well. Died in Moscow on the 77th year of his life. 


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