02 апреля 2008

Рrеsidеnt RВ Мurtаzа Rаkhimоv disсussеd thе issuеs оf соореrаtiоn bеtwееn Ваshkоrtоstаn аnd JSС `GАSРRОМ` with trustее оf thе соnсеrn Сyril Sеlеznеv

On April 2, 2008, President of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rakhimov held a meeting with the trustee of JSC "GASPROM", the head of "GASPROM" marketing, gas and liquid hydrocarbon processing department, General Director of "MEJREGIONGAS Ltd" Cyril Seleznev in Ufa.
The projects of further cooperation in sphere of gas deliveries, gasification and development of Bashkir oil-chemical complex were under discussion in the course of the gathering.
Cyril Seleznev told Murtaza Rakhimov about current activity and investment programs of JSC "SALAVATNEFTEORGSINTEZ", where the arrangements for modernization of existing productions were under development at present time. In particular, in the first quarter 2009 the concern intends to launch new polyethylene production with the capacity 120 thousand tons per year. The main goal of the project is making new competitive polyethylene production on the basis of modern ecologically and technologically safe technologies. The concern also intends to increase the depth of hydrocarbon stuff processing. At present time this depth makes 79,3%. "SALAVATNEFTEORSINTEZ" intends to start new investment program, in accordance with which it plants to invest up to 105 billion rubles to reconstruction of local productions till 2015. The main share of the investments (75 billion rubles) will be spent for development of the oil- chemical complex, where production of ethylene is considered the base production. The project presumes the growth of ethylene production up to one million tons per year by 2015.
The matter of the talk was also was participation of "GASPROM" in energy projects of the Republic. In particular, the concern will erect the steam-gas unit in Ufa micro-district "ZATON". After the erection of the unit is over, the production capacity of the block will reach 450 megawatts. New energy capacities are necessary for development of social and industrial infrastructure of western and south-western parts of Ufa, where the main housing building of the city is going to start in the nearest future. Besides, within the frames of the program for gasification of the Republic "GASPROM" invests construction of three inter-settlement gas mains with the total length 157 kilometers in Utchalinsky, Bainaksky and Alscheevsky regions of Bashkortostan. These mains will start working in 2008. "GASPROM" invests means in construction of gas mains and Bashkortostan in its turn provides its regions with corresponding infrastructure.

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